Yelp Tech Talk

We’re partnering with Yelp for an exciting tech talk on October 6 – details are below!
Talk Topic: Surviving the Microservices Revolution at Yelp
Tuesday, October 6th, 2015
MCS 148
111 Cummington Mall, Boston MA 02215
     Talk abstract: Have you heard of microservices? They’re all the rage these days. Everyone’s blogging about ’em. The idea is straightforward: take a big web app; split it up into smaller apps; profit. Easy, right? In practice, there are a lot of functional, technical, and cultural challenges to overcome when going from one to many. Come hear Alex L. speak about microservices vs. monoliths, some common pitfalls of all distributed systems, and what Yelp has learned from over two years of building, testing, and deploying a service-oriented architecture.
     At our tech talk, we’re providing food and drinks from El Pelon Taqueria, and raffling off an iPad Mini w/Retina, so remember to bring your CS or engineering resume to get a raffle ticket!
ttt Boston - 8x11

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