Website Updates

As we’re considering how to keep people informed and involved with WICS, you’ll notice some changes happening to the website. The hope is that the website becomes a portal for three distinct types of information:

  1. Events: This will include all event information for WICS sponsored events, including flyers, descriptions and RSVP links. A Google Calendar listing all planned events is in the works and will help people quickly navigate between event postings.
  2. Updates: Updates are for members of the WICS community to stay up to date on the happenings of the club. This post is an update, for example. Other updates will include changes in club membership or eboard, brain storming ideas, and event recaps about events we hosted or went to.
  3. Blog: This final category is a new one that I hope will foster discussion and involvement within the BU community. Here you might find interesting articles about women in STEM fields, links to resources about finding jobs or internships, or even our thoughts about the state of women in computing. Hopefully this will provide a valuable resource to stay current on the issues facing not just the club, but women in computer science in general.

This is just an overview of the structural changes to the website you’ll notice.More changes will certainly be to come in the future, both for the website and the club. Keep an eye on the updates page to learn more.

– Ashley & the WICS eboard


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